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Legal notice

The aim of the Casanova Gandía website is to enhance awareness of the company and its activities. Casanova Gandía reserves the right to modify the information within this website at any moment and without prior notification.

Casanova Gandía shall not be held responsible for any consequences or damages that may result from accessing its website, neither for the use made of the information it contains, nor for other materials accessed on line via its links.

Intellectual Property of the website

Copyright © 2014. All rights of usage reserved by Promociones y Arrendamientos Casanova Gandía S.L. CIF B-96650825, registered in the Valencia Registry of Companies, volume 5834, book 3140, general section, sheet 122, page v-55240, entry no. 1.

Casanova Gandía reserves all intellectual property rights to the website, graphic design and codes.

The said company is exclusively entitled to exercise the aforementioned rights of usage in whatever form and, in particular, all rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication and adaptation.

Terms and conditions for partial reproduction

  • The website should be mentioned explicitly as a source of information.
  • Reproduction should be undertaken solely in order to access information for individual or private use and not for commercial gain.
  • Content from this website should not be modified in any way.
  • No element of this website should be used, copied or distributed separately from its text or other associated content.
  • Any proposed reproduction should be communicated in writing to Casanova Gandía and certified authorization should be obtained from the company for such reproduction.
  • No reproduced elements may subsequently be assigned to third parties or installed on a server connected to the Internet or to a local network.

Responsibility regarding links

The purpose of the links that feature in this website is purely informative. Casanova Gandía shall not be liable for any information contained within the said website. Any references made on the website of Casanova Gandía to whatsoever product, service, process, link, hypertext or any other information using the company’s trademark, trading name, manufacturer’s or supplier’s name and which is the property of third parties shall not constitute or imply endorsement, support or recommendation on the part of Casanova Gandía.

Responsibility regarding security

Casanova Gandía shall not be held liable for any security errors that might occur due to the use of outdated versions of browsers, nor for any consequences that might arise from the malfunction of browsers, whether due to improper configuration, computer viruses or any other cause unrelated to Casanova Gandía.

Responsibility for web content

Casanova Gandía declines responsibility for any consequences arising from incorrect usage of the website’s contents. It reserves the right to update the said content at any time, delete, limit its use or restrict access whether temporarily or indefinitely.

Casanova Gandía declines responsibility for all information that does not feature on this website and which, therefore, was not created by Casanova Gandía nor published in its name.

Casanova Gandía declines responsibility for any discrepancies that may occur between the printed version of its documents and the electronic equivalent that features on its website.

Casanova Gandía declines responsibility for any use that minors may make of the website. Casanova Gandía is in no way responsible if any content of this website might offend the sensitivity of minors. Parents should assume responsibility for the correct usage of a tool such as the Internet and be present when their children are online.

Data confidentiality

Casanova Gandía guarantees the confidentiality of data relating to our clients, users and visitors and undertakes to observe all legal requirements currently in force.

In accordance with the provisions of Spanish Law 15/1999 of 13 December 1999 relating to the protection of personal data, Casanova Gandía undertakes to meet its obligation of secrecy regarding personal data and its duty to store such data confidentially. It will take such steps as may be necessary to prevent alteration or loss and treatment of an unauthorised access to such data, within the capabilities of contemporary technology.


  • Personal data provided in forms, by email or other modes of communication will be used only and exclusively for the purposes indicated in the form that the user completes.
  • We will neither provide to third parties, nor sell nor share users’ personal data.
  • We will limit our contact with users to that which is strictly necessary for the required service.
  • You have the right to access data that we hold about you as well as to change, cancel or query it, by sending us an email.

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