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About Casanova Gandía

Casanova Gandía is a family firm with a long tradition of furniture design, based in Moixent ( Valencia ), an important centre for furniture making. It has always favoured creating its own designs and the use of quality materials and finishing. Our aim has always been to meet furnishing and interior design requirements.

The uniqueness of our brand is the result of blending styles and the innovative way we combine materials such as leather and steel with woods such as oak, ash and southern yellow pine, among others.

Since we believe that a piece of furniture is much more than a simple chair or table, one of our aims has been and will continue to be to respond to the relationship between daily life and its physical context. So Casanova Gandía offers you a wide-ranging catalogue of products. When creating the furniture that you need to embellish your home ( such as dining tables, chairs, chests of drawers, items for bedrooms and for the reception area ), we have in mind the practical and comfortable but also seek to impart a character that matches that of its future owner.

Thanks to our experience and knowledge of people´s needs and the way they relate to each other, we can satisfy a wide range of tastes, styles and spatial requirements.

Here in Casanova Gandía, we are aware that a company´s capacity to give value is very much dependent upon the quality of its staff. So we always seek to recruit those who are ready to make a company project their own, who are passionate about their work and who grow and find self-fulfilment in it. We allow them scope for initiative, train them to high standards and provide them with a working environment that is full of light and close to nature.

We in Casanova Gandía believe that the quality of a product comes from our craft-like production process, monitored by effective quality control. For this we have both the symbol of quality awarded by the furniture industry´s technological institute AIDIMA ( Instituto Tecnólogico del Mueble ), which assures the safety of our products, according to the most demanding national and international criteria, and the special label that confirms the craft-like nature of our work. Together, these guarantee our customers the long-lasting quality of the product that they buy.

For these reasons, our company, in business since 1986, is acknowledged as one of the major Spanish furniture makers.

Promociones y Arrendamientos Casanova Gandía, S.L.
Ctra. CV651 a Onteniente, Km 1.2
46640 Mogente/Moixent (Valencia)
Telf:: 96-229 03 60
Fax: 96-229 10 79


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